Aneta Wira of Polish National Ballet

Written by Neta Meir


Posted on September 23 2017

I woke up at 7.30 but it takes much longer till I actually get up. I need at least thirty more minutes to start thinking clearly about the upcoming day and all the challenges within. When I finally get out of my bed I immediately start my 'coffee thinking' which basically means 'I do nothing until I take a sip of coffee'. While I drink a huge mug of this magical liqueur I check my emails, Facebook updates and Instagram feed. I follow all major ballerinas and ballet dancers from all around the world and I love the fact I can see their lives and hard work through Social Media.
When I am done with my coffee and breakfast (yes, I do it, usually a plain croissant, or two ;) ), I start my morning routine in bathroom and then I choose my outfit. This is very important aspect in my life. Not fashion and latest trends but to look good and neat. This is why I choose my daily outfits very carefully and conciously. I like to look good, this gives me more confidence. Here I show you my idea of daily spring outfit. I simply love my mom fit jeans!
PC: Adrian Hołda
The headquater of Polish National Ballet is situatein Teatr Wielki-Opera Narodowa in Warsaw, Poland. I get to work around 9.30, thirty minutes before the class. Enough time to choose my ballet outfit and for the warm-up. I'm not a typical bunhead ballet dancer- meaning, I never do a bun on my head. Only because my hair is so thin it just looks very poor and actually funny, like a bean :) this is why I usually put my hair together in a messy bun on the top of my head. It never lets me down, even when I turn during the class.
The class starts at 10 and last one hour. Later on, we have 15 minutes break and rehearsals till 2 pm. Between rehearsals I go to gym or sew my pointeshoes.

VID_21720229_103852 from WorldWide Ballet on Vimeo.

That day we had a show which means I had a long before the performance (after some rehearsals till 2 pm). I decided to visit the Bloch store nearby the theatre. I simply love their leotards collection and I also booked an appointment for pointeshoes fitting. The management is very helpful. If you visit Warsaw some day, you definitely need to visit this cosy store. After the visit in the baLlet store, I had lunch in a cosy, small bar next to the theatre. I am this kind of dancer who cannot eat too much before the show, mostly because of stress :)
PC: Adrian Hołda
We have to be in theatre at least one hour before the show starts,. Lidia, our make-up artist and also a hair stylist is doing our hair before every single show. We put make-up by ourselves but heir- it's always her field. I trust her with all my heart. In the photos you can see the audytorium of Teatr Wielki-Opera Narodowa. We have the biggest stage in Europe. Another reason to visit us :)
After the show I quickly get back home where my husband is waiting for me. When I am back we usually watch some movies or cook together.
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