Interview with Simone Kerr - Model, Dancer, Designer & a Student

Written by Neta Meir


Posted on December 06 2014

Simone Kerr, a 26 years old international model, a ballet dancer, a leotard designer ( Balletto Body ) & a uni. student from Australia is a very exciting personality that I thought you all should get to know:


When have you realized that ballet is your passion? In which age have you started dancing? 

I started dancing at the age of 4 but it wasn't until I saw The Kirov perform Swan Lake when I was 12 that I really fell in love with the art form.


What is your greatest memory from ballet? 

I have many great memories from ballet, but nothing beats the feeling of starting the day with a really great class where everything just works.


Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up? What helped you go through it?

Absolutely! I am definitely not equipped with the natural facility to be a ballet dancer. I am very tall, have legs that don't look straight, not great feet and am definitely not a natural turner, but I have danced on stage professionally and I absolutely love morning class and I have found ways to be part of the industry without becoming totally dejected that I don't look like Darcey Bussel, haha


Who is your favorite choreographer? And who is/are your favorite dance companies?

Chrissie Parrot is my favorite choreographer. I got to work with her on the July season of Cats here in Perth and she was fantastic! A few years ago I saw Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company in Sydney and it was just fantastic, I was also blown away by Miami City Ballet when they performed in Chicago.


 have you decided to try and audition for Ballet Chicago, which is located the farthest away from home? How was company life? 

I decided to send away an audition tape to Ballet Chicago because I know that in America they are a little more forgiving with height requirements, and so I attended their summer program and then stayed on for the fall and spring semester to dance with the studio company. It was a great experience, made great friends and really immersed myself in the Balanchine technique that was completely foreign to me. 


After you have retired from BC, have you kept on dancing? 

I still take daily class at the Conservatoire of Classical Ballet in Perth and I am involved in a few projects here and there. I was a principle dancer in Cats in July and I am currently choreographing a piece of work for the opening of Fringe Festival in January.


You're also a model, a designer and a student, how do you keep it together? 

I don't know! There have been a few stress-related tears, especially as semester wraps up for the year and major assignments are due and exams are an impending certainty, but I really enjoy being busy, being challenged and working towards future goals. 


You're so pretty! How have you got into the modeling world?

I started modelling when I was 15 locally in Perth, started working internationally at 16 and was living in New York by the time I was 18. I was signed to a Perth agency that has an office in Sydney and from there joined an agency with offices in New York, Paris, London and Milan. I have been incredibly fortunate to have a career that has spanned over ten years and worked with some amazing people in the most beautiful locations.


Tell us a little bit about Balletto Body:

Balletto Body is my new label that is made up of one and two piece leotards. The first collection is incredibly bright, there are eight styles and eleven colors, of which four are currently available from my website. The next collection is going to be all black and very slick. I am so excited to be working on something so creative and yet utilities both my experiences in the fashion world as a model as well as what I am studying at university in regards to commerce.  


How have you decided to open a business of leotards? What inspired you to just do it?

I was taking class in London at Pineapple Studios and I needed a nice leotard that was flattering, comfortable, supportive and unique. That simply didn't exist so I am making them myself!


Some fun facts about Simone :

Birthdate : 14th July, Bastille Day!

Birthplace : Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Favorite color : Navy blue or burgundy

Favorite food : Mum's lasagne

Favorite pointe shoes company : Grishko

What's in your dance bag : Ballet flats, pointe shoes, toe pads, skirt, leg warmers, hip warmers, Thera Band, floss (for stitching ribbons), water bottle, towel, black tights, Balletto leotard, an over-sized t-shirt with holes in it, a tennis ball, a chocolate bar, hair pins, make up wipes.

Your favorite ballet : The Sleeping Beauty


Talia Fidra ( @dance_taggi ) , Balletto Body youth ambassador , by Prima Diva Photography ( @primadiva_au )



Want more? keep on following the journey! :

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I wanted to thank Simone for letting me interview her, I'm so grateful for this opportunity!
A few days ago I got my Lillian Leotard in Emerald, I was so excited to get it! Everything looked amazing, starting from the box to the hang tag, it was an amazing experience! something I really loved about the leotard is that it doesn't show sweat marks even though it's a colorful one, it makes you look very lean and thin and make you stand out in line :)


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