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Posted on December 06 2014

Hi Ya'll!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas! Congrats to all of the winners of the #wwbchristmascontest! Today's topic is uniforms at elite ballet schools around the world from PNBS in Seattle to ABS in Melbourne. So, let's begin!

Pacific Northwest Ballet School - Seattle, WA

Abby Callahan ( @bunhead1027 )


 Abby in her uniform. Pictures were taken at her old studio

My name is Abby Callahan and I am 18 years old. I was previously a competition dancer, but now I am a Professional Division student at PNB and it Is my first year here in Seattle.  I have spent the past three summers here at PNB and the moment I stepped through the door I knew I wanted to dance here, so I feel extremely lucky to be here!

PNB is an amazing school with some amazing teachers. It has some Balanchine training, but it also has a good mix of classical too. PNB is such a great, well-rounded program and they really care for their dancers.

I am a Professional Division student, so that means we are the highest level of the school and often get to work with the company for certain pieces, like the Nutcracker

Luckily, we can wear any style of black leotard with a few exceptions (no crazy straps, no low back leotards, or no crazy trim) then pink tights, and Freed pointe shoes are preferred.  We also wear a solid white leotard and white skirt for variations. We can wear a solid color leotard on Saturdays.I love that we can wear our favorite black leotards and you don’t have to be stuck with a set style. I actually don’t think I have a least favorite thing about our uniform. It was the same uniform at my home studio so I was used to wearing black and pink. 

If we don’t have rehearsals, I think it’s 16  hours with an hour of modern on Saturdays, but now we have rehearsals for Nutcracker and those can add up to 5-6 hours a day (including class).

My favorite leotard brands would have to be Yumiko and Eleve leotards! I love the way they fit and how many options you have when it comes to selecting one. There are also so many styles to choose from that I have a hard time picking out just one. 

My favorite thing about dancing Is how I feel when I do it… No matter what could happen to me, it’s the place I always go and it always makes me feel better! It will always hold a special place in my heart! I don’t go a day without thinking about it or doing a step! It’s my passion. 

San Francisco Ballet School - San Francisco, CA

Nicole Prefontaine ( @nicoleprefontaine)

My name is Nicole Prefontaine and I am 15 years old. I am originally from Vancouver Canada, but I am a dancer at The San Francisco Ballet school. My younger sister, Martina, does ballet as well. We have done competitions and gone to summer intensives together. My mom was a professional dancer so I guess you could say it runs  in the family. Although, she never pushes us to become dancers, My sister and I do it because we both love ballet. 


Nicole Prefontaine

I am a first year level 6 student at SFB and I normally do 25 hours a week. The school doesn’t have a particular style. It is a combination of every style, although the teachers aim for the most classical line possible. Our schedules include, technique classes, pointe,repertoire,contemporary,character and pas de deux. 

 Last year the students wore Yumiko leotards as uniforms but this year they changed them to Motionwear. Our levels color is Cobalt, the camisole leotard is spaghetti strapped. The back is not too high or too low, just good enough so it gives a nice line. It is not extremely high cut but it doesn’t fall too low. The thing that I like about them is the color, it is a very deep blue and I think it is quite flattering. However, we can’t to pinch the front of the leotard and I wish we were because it would look even nicer. Another part about our uniform is our hair. It must be in a high bun with no parts, and we are also not allowed to have any bows or flowers in our hair. I only own one Yumiko but it is one of my favorite brands of leotards as well as Class-In. When I have the chance, I like to wear the Class-In leotards because of the unique styles.  

 My favorite thing about dancing is the ability to see improvement everyday and by making each class better than the last. Being able to showcase it during performance is also a part I enjoy because it is very rewarding.

Canada's National Ballet School - Toronto, ON

Caleigh Toews ( @caleightoews )

My name is Caleigh Toews, I am 17 years old and I train professionally in grade 12 (level 7) at Canada’s National Ballet School. I spend nearly all my life dancing, however, as soon as I exit the studio for the night, I truly become the most uncoordinated person ever. An interesting fact about myself is that I absolutely love talking to anyone and everyone! I am a big believe in ‘what comes around goes around’ so although its my choice to talk to and encourage other people I know that one day that encouragement will come straight back to me when I really need it.

Caleigh in her uniform.

I have trained at my school for as long as I can remember, I started here when I was 5, and I hope to go on to join the company, The National Ballet of Canada. Throughout my years of training in Toronto, I have watched the city grow as well as myself, I would love to continue watching it grow as it gives me inspiration that even when you think everything’s perfect, theres always things to work on. My school has helped me not only to recognize my body’s perfections and imperfections, it has also helped me come over so many issues with self esteem and other things that are tied to being a teenage girl involved so much in something they love, dance.

Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) starts professionally in grade 6, and continues to grade 12. In this program, they provide all of the students with an academic education in a building that is linked directly to the dance building. We also have a residence located 2 minutes away from the school for students who live very far away. The academic teachers are very understanding with our heavy dance demands, but they also make sure that we graduate with a better understanding of things that might be thrown at us during our lives outside of dance. After graduating, you may choose to then join a company right away, or you may choose to attend their PSP program for an extra 1-2 years which acts as a gateway between school life and company life.

At my school, 3 dance leotards make up our uniforms, each are from the Ainslie wear brand. Grades 6-7 have a light purple, grades 8-10 have a dark plum color, and grades 11-12 (my grade) have a teal. In my level, there are 2 possible styles that you can wear. The first style is a spaghetti strap with a velvet bust and a nylon bottom. It is very form fitting and therefore is also very low cut on the legs. The other style is a square neck with thick straps. It is much more movable then the velvet one, and is much more capable of having a high cut if one prefers it to a low cut one. The thick strap bodysuit is often pinched with a safety pin to give it some form and design because at times it can become boring to look at day after day.

My favourite thing about the uniforms would have to be the color. I find that the teal looks nice on everyone and in comparison to the other uniform bodysuits in the younger grades, it makes everyone appear much more mature and older. My least favorite part about them would have to be the feeling and the low cut hips. For me, I like wearing a very pliable bodysuit, otherwise I feel very stiff in class, and although it is becoming more flexible as time goes on, it’s still not up to par with my standards. Also, the low cut on the hips is not a style that I believe looks particularly nice on me. My legs aren't’t the longest, so the fact that the hips are so low makes them look even shorter. I would love to own an Eleve bodysuit because I think they look gorgeous on every shape, but my dream bodysuit at the moment would have to be the half sleeved Sofiane Yumiko in white velvet bust and white nylon bottom.

In grade 12, I am training with my school about 25-28 hours per week. These hours are included in our daily ballet classes, pointe classes and pas de deux classes, aswell as the additional improve, modern or character classes. On top of all of this, I do pilates classes to help me find my core and to help strengthen my scoliosis.

I know I have said a lot already, but I’m just going to say one more thing, which is why I love to dance. Dancing makes me feel like myself, it’s the only place where I can truly express my feelings and be heard through movements and not words for once. It gives me great pleasure to overcome my challenges and prove to others, as well as myself, that I can do it. I also love the fact that when I was a kid, I was very much inspired by certain dancers (and still to this day by the very same dancers), and now I am working my way up to becoming someone who will hopefully inspire younger generations to dance aswell. I live for dance and I hope that one day I can make a change in the dance world to show kids that even though people may say you cant do it, you can show them and do anything you set your mind to. 

 Kirov Academy of Ballet - Washington D.C.

Jenna Turner ( @itsjennatuner ) 


Jenna in her uniform.

 I am level 3-4, a morning student being trained by Madame Tenchikova.At Kirov Academy, there are four levels. In the morning, levels 1-2 and 3-4 take class. In the afternoons, the 5-6 and 7-8 classes have
class. The levels are like this because in Vaganova, there are 8 levels, so we are in each level four two years. The men are separated into two levels, a morning class and an afternoon class, called Boys
and Men. We have a variety of different training other then ballet, like Character dance, modern, and pas de deux. At Kirov, all the boarding students also have Academics, which commuter students also have a choice of taking. For all levels, the ballet class is three hours long, with rehearsal at night. We are very lucky to be trained by such amazing teachers like Mariana Labanova, Elaina Tenchikova, and
Nikoloz Makhateli.
My uniform is a midnight blue camisole leotard with a pinch in the front I love how the pinch is adjustable, and I adore the beautiful Kirov swan symbol sewn onto the left hip. My favorite brand of leotard is class-in because of the beautifully designed and unique leotards, and how they fit and feel. Whenever I am dancing, I feel like I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I love.

Boston Ballet School -  Boston, MA

Ethan Spancer ( @future_balanchine )

Hi! My name is Ethan Spencer and I am a 16 year old student at Boston Ballet School. I started ballet at the elderly age of 15, but was able to improve rapidly because of much hard work. I love ballet more than anything, and have no idea what I did with my life before September 6th 2012 (when I aft started ballet). I love Balanchine more than life (especially Serenade).


Ethan in his uniform.

 At BBS, we have a classical ballet program and then a preprofessional program, where I am. Prepro only meets in Boston, but we have 2 other locations in surrounding towns. I’m pretty sure BBS is the largest school in the country.

Our uniforms are White shirt, grey tights, white socks, white ballet shoes. My favorite thing about the uniform is when we don’t have to follow it (in modern, halloween, valentine’s day). My least favorite thing about the uniforms are the tights because they don’t fit me well, especially because they’re footless and I like footed.

I do 20+ hours a week of mostly ballet (including technique, men’s class, pas) with one class a week of modern, character and pilates.

My favorite brand would have to be Yumiko tights because they fit so well. I know a great Yumi Girl, so if you want to place and order or need help designing a leotard, contact me through instagram and I can hook you up.

I can’t pinpoint one thing, but I just love ballet so, so much. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. I don’t know what I’d do without it, and hope to be involved with ballet for the rest of my life, be it performing, teaching, or administering.

  Eliza French ( @frenchytutu )

 My name is Eliza French. I am 13 years old and a Pre-Professional student with Boston Ballet. I have been dancing since I was 3, and I love it. I dance about 20 hours a week. 

Boston Ballet has 4 groups of levels: the little kids, the Elementary levels, the Intermediate levels, and the Pre Professional levels. Each level has its own colored leotard. I am in Pre Pro 2, so I wear a dark blue Motion-Wear camisole leotard. All levels wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes. For pointe we wear the same thing, and with a skirt of our choice. For modern we wear whatever color/style leotard we want and we can wear shorts, a shirt, socks, or something else with it. The uniform leotard is a plain camisole with thin straps and 'princess seams' that go up the front and sides. They are cotton. 

Eliza in her uniform.

I like that they have thin straps, and the back is a good height (not too high or too low). They are also pretty comfortable. I don't like that they are low cut in the legs and I would prefer nylon. 

My favorite leotard brand is Yumiko! They are so gorgeous! I love that you can get them with a high cut leg. They are so well made and last such a long time. Also a I love how you can customize the colors on it. All of the styles are stunning and they look so flattering. 

My favorite thing about dancing is performing. There is nothing else in the world that feels like dancing in front of so many people, and when they clap for you, you remember why you spend so many hard hours working in the studio. I also love everything to do with pointe. Pointe shoes make everything look so much more beautiful. :)

 Isabella Kowalski ( @bellakowalski )

 My name is Isabella Kowalski and Im in Boston Ballet Schools Pre Professional division. Im 16 and in level Pre Pro 3. I started my training in Buffalo, New York at Royal Academy of Ballet before moving to Boston. I have also studied at summer programs including NYSSSA, American Ballet Theatre, School of American Ballet, and also Boston Ballets summer program where I have stayed to study year round. 

Isabella Kowalski.

Boston Ballet has a dress code for every level of the school. For my level which is pre pro 3, we wear a black Motionwear tank styled leotard. I like it because its lined nicely and is high cut. I love high cut leotards because they make my legs look longer, essentially extending my line. Some girls wish the leotard was pinched; however, I like it how it is without it, but thats just preference on my body type. My favorite leotards would  definitely be Yumico and Classin. I like those two the best, because both brands let the costumer customize their leotard as specific as they would like. I think this is so great because everyones body is different, so wearing a leotard you feel comfortable in helps you perform better. Personally, I enjoy simple colors for leotards but with accents of velvet on the trims, and long sleeves. 

 Brenna Flaherty ( @brenbren137 )

My name is Brenna Flaherty. I am from Boston, MA, and I go to Boston Ballet School. There are three studio locations for BBS, one in Boston, and two in surrounding suburbs, Newton and Marblehead. I go to the Boston studio location because I am in the pre-professional program (which is only at the Boston studio). There are a couple different programs at the school starting with the children's program, then the classical ballet program, the flex program, and the pre-professional program. In the pre-pro program there are 5 levels, pre-pro 1 to pre-pro 4, then trainee. I am in pre-pro 4 currently. I dance 6 days a week, which adds up to about 26 hours a week. The classes we take are technique, pointe, pas de deux, modern, character, and pilates. And the boys have separate men's classes. 

Brenna & her friends in their uniforms.

 Each level at BBS has a uniform. The uniform for the girls is made up of pink tights(the brand the school prefers is Bodywrappers), pink ballet shoes (no preference), pointe shoes (they like us to wear freeds), and a level specific color Motionwear camisole leotard. Each level has a different color leotard. Right now for pre-pro 4 we have to wear a hunter green leotard. The leotard comes unpinched, but I like to pinch it. For the boys in the children's and classical ballet program wear a white shirt, black tights, and white socks and shoes. The pre-pro boys wear the same, except gray tights. My favorite thing about the uniform is that the leotards are actually very flattering on everybody. The cut of the leotard is nice because it has a low back(which I love) and a high cut leg. My least favorite part of the uniform is that it just gets boring after a while since we wear the same color every day for a year, maybe more. Sometimes people don't wear the exact uniform leotard, but they wear the same color. Like they could have a Yumiko or Classin in the class color. The teachers are okay with students doing that as long as the leotards don't look too crazy different. We are also allowed to wear skirts for some teacher's pointe classes. I wear an Abigail Mentzer skirt always because they are so cute and have a great fit. Personally, I don't have a favorite brand of leotards. I think all of the different brands have so many great options! The brand of leotards I have been getting a lot of lately though are Classins because they are on the cheaper side and do not take very long to make and ship! I love Yumikos because they are such high quality and always look flattering. 

My favorite thing about dancing is the challenge it brings. I love going to the studio everyday and challenging myself. I think it is fun to learn something out of your comfort zone or more difficult than things you normally do because when you finally get it, it is the most rewarding feeling.

 Ellison Ballet - New York City, NY

Melissa Chapski ( @ballerinachi )

My name is Melissa Chapski and I just turned 17 years old. I train at Ellison Ballet in New York City and ballet is my passion. This is my first year living away from home and I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts. My dream companies are the Kirov Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet. My biggest inspirations are Isabelle Ciaravola and Sylvie Guillem. 

Melissa in her uniform.

 I train at a strict Vaganova school in New York City amongst many other incredible male and female dancers. I consider my school to be the best in America, and my teacher, Mr. Ellison, to be one of the most knowledgeable dance teachers in the world. 

In my school, there are two female levels, advanced and intermediate, and one level for boys. I am in the advanced level for girls. 

We are required to wear either a white mirella camisole or a white mirella cap-sleeve leotard every day for class. We have the option of wearing a white wrap skirt for pointe and pas de deux as well, but I usually prefer not to wear a skirt. 

I am easily able to spot errors on my body so that I can correct myself, white is a very revealing color and it is hard to hide anything. It also helps us keep our body healthy because looking at yourself in a white leotard is revealing of anything extra that we may want to work off. I also actually enjoy the leg line of this leotard because it is fairly high cut and can be rolled up and stays rolled up as well. I am easily able to pin the leotard to cinch the front and make the back a nice deep V shape. The fabric is fairly comfortable and we have the option of choosing either lycra or cotton and surprisingly I like the cotton better because it does not show sweat as much and it feels better on me. My least favorite thing about the leotard is that it shows everything, so there are definitely fat days and it crushes your self-esteem to really see your technique but it must be done in order to improve. It shows sweat a lot and I tend to sweat a lot in class. It's a fairly cheap leotard so it rips easily and gets discolored quickly. 

We normally dance 6-8 hours a day Monday through Friday and I usually take class on Sunday for an hour and a half as well. This is all ballet and pointe. 

My favorite leotard brand would be easily class-in mostly because of the high cut leg lines. I also really like the fabric because it is very thin Lycra and I find it very breathable. The styles he makes are also stunning and fairly priced. 

My favorite thing about dancing is that you can never reach perfection and there's always something to keep working on. I love a challenge and I am always determined to make myself better. Ballet is very competitive and competition makes me work even harder. I feel as if achieving something technically is the best feeling that there is; such as when you nail three pirouettes or hold a balance. 

 Yui Sugawara ( @yui_s_82 )

Yui in her cap-sleeved uniform.

 My name is Yui Sugawara.I'm in advanced level at Ellison Ballet and I'm 20 years old.Our school is Vaganova style which is pure classic.We have technique, pointe, pas de deux, conditioning and workshop in usual.It is about 22 hours dancing in a week.Our uniform is mirella's / Ainsley's white leotard.White makes my body look bigger but I like how they are simple and so easy to find out when my body is not a lined.My favorite leotard's brand is Yumiko and chaccott. 

 The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre - New York City, NY

 Holly Cugini  ( @hollycugini14 )

 My name is Holly Cugini and I am 13 years old. I dance at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis school of American Ballet Theater and am currently in level 5 of the pre-professional division. I am in 8th grade and live in New Jersey. I commute into the city everyday for dance and leave school an hour early everyday. I started ballet at the age of 7 and loved it ever since. I have attended  ABT's Young Dancer Summer Workshop in 2012 as well as ABT Alabama in that same summer. And this past summer I attended ABT New York for 5 weeks.


Holly in her uniform.

JKO is a great dance school if you are really serious about becoming a professional ballet dancer. They have a great staff of teachers and they really work with you with your strengths and weaknesses. They are always pushing you to do your best which makes you a better dancer. 

I'm a level 5 student (pre-professional division). The brand of our leotard is just by ABT. It is a coral color and very pretty! It has cap sleeves and fits everyone right.

My favorite features of the leotard is the way it fits me and I really like the color. I think that the coral color looks good on everyone! My least favorite features of the leotard is that it may be a little see through and there is no lining in it.

I dance around 15 hours a week. It is mostly ballet with only one hour of character class a week. We also have dance history and Pilates for one hour every week.

My favorite leotard brands are probably capezio and yumiko. I like them particularly because capezio leotards are very comfy and fit very well to whatever body shape you have and yumiko is great because you can choose what fabric you want it to be made out of and get to design them yourself so you can make it perfect for however you like it.


My favorite thing about dancing is the way it makes me feel. When I am upset the only thing that will make me happy is dancing. I feel myself and get to express it through my body instead of words.

Remy Young ( @remyyounggg )

 My name is Remy Young. I'm a student at the JKO School at ABT which located in NYC, uses the classical ABT curriculum, amazing school!I'm a levl 6 studnet, and as for level 6 unifroms we wear purple, cap sleeved leotard with a pinch by 1st Position.

Remy Young. Pics by Amanda Delgadillo.

 I really like the cap sleeves and the material but strongly dislike the low cut.At ABT we dance around 17 hours of technique, pointe, character, partnering, modern My favorite leotard brand would be Yumiko because I love experimenting with colors and styles!My favorite thing about dancing is that I get to express and enjoy myself, sharing my passion with others at the same time.

 Mikaela Kelly ( @mikaelakellss )

My name is MIkaela Kelly and I'm 17 years old. I started dancing at 4 with my local studio 'Coupe Dance Studio" and joined the American Ballet Theatre JKO School pre-professional division in 2009.


The JKO School has a children's division which includes Pre-Primary and Primary through levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, and a pre-professional division which includes levels 5, 6, and 7. I'm a student at Level 7 The color of our uniform is Sapphire blue cap sleeve leotard with a pinch front. The leotard is form fitting and not too high cut. The color is very vibrant and stays that way even after numerous washes . My least favorite thing about the leotard is fabric which is nylon so the boys occasionally have a hard time partnering us because the leotards are so slippery. 

Level 7 dances Monday through Friday starting each day with a two hour technique class followed by a pointe, variations, or pas de deux class and then a half hour lunch break. After lunch there are usually two to three hour rehearsals for the pieces and ballets we are currently working on. One day a week we have character and modern, and twice a week we have pilates after rehearsals. My favorite leotards would be by Gaynor Minden because they are so comfortable to wear and their designs are simple and elegant. 

 While there is so much to love about dancing, I would say what really makes me happy is the fact that a dancer never stops learning and growing. There is so much knowledge to acquire and so many skills to master that one can never get bored. From the little toddlers in their tiny pink skirts, to seasoned principal dancers, there is always something more to learn.


Mikaela in her uniform.

English National Ballet School - London, UK 

 Isabella SwietlickIi ( @bellasweitlicki )


ENBS 1st year girls.

My name is Isabella Swietlicki, I'm 16 years old and I'm a first year student at the English National Ballet School.

ENBS uniforms, pictures by Isabella SwietlickIi

nbs is set in London/Chelsea, and there is about 70 students in the whole school. The level is very high, and the teaching staff is also of a very high standard, they really push you to be the best dancer you can be. The uniform for Ballet class is just leotard and tights, you can choose to wear either the cap sleeved or the cami/strapped, (I prefer the cap sleeved). For pas de deux we wear our tutus, for variation class we either wear our romantic ballet tutu or our normal tutu (depending on which variation we are doing). For contemporary we wear black tights over our leotards. The leotard brand is  "1st position" and the colour is dark pink for first year, as I mentioned before we have two different leotard designs to choose from, the cap sleeved and the strapped, My favourite thing about the leotard is that it's pink! (It's my favourite colour). First years do approximately 40 hours a week of dancing involving Classical Ballet class, Pointe, Rep, Variations, Pas De Deux, Contemporay, Choreography, we also have extra classes like: Pilates, Floor Barre, Fitness training for strengthening and stamina. We also have some academic subjects like: Anatomy, Benesh Movement Notation and Dance History. My favourite leotard brand is Yumiko, it's my favourite because of all the different designs and colours you can choose from to make a unique leotard. And to finish off.. My favourite thing about dancing is getting to perform in front of an audience, i feel so at home on a stage, and I love the rush I get when performing.

 Daniela Norman ( @dannie_norman )

 My name is Daniela (Dannie) Yasmin Norman, I am 17 years old and I am currently in my second year of training at the English National Ballet School in London. I come from London and have been dancing now for 12 years. I love travelling (I did some amazing summer schools in Cuba and morocco) and I love to draw as well! 

Daniela & her friends in their uniforms. 

 English National Ballet School is full of very talented dancers that come from literally all over the world; for example Brazil and South Africa! In my year the colour leotard is a lilacy blue. We have a choice of wearing either the capped sleeve version or strappy version (I prefer strappy) and is specifically made for our school. We also have a very comfy black tracksuit and wear classical tutus and romantic tutus for pas de deux and repertoire lessons; we also have to wear black tights in contemporary. My favourite feature of our uniform is the pretty colours and how comfy it is! I can't really think of a least favourite but if I had to choose sometimes the strapped leotard comes really low when you back bend so you have to pull it up all the time which is slightly annoying! Each week at ENBS we train roughly around 40 hours and this includes ballet, pointe, variations, pas de deux, contemporary, choroegraphy and repertoire. My favourite leotard brand is hands down yumiko!! I could never have enough because they're so flattering and you can style them yourself, and I also love eleve for the same reasons. My favourite thing about ballet is definitely performing; all your hard work pays off and you can just enjoy dancing and the moment you get on stage everything else going on in your life doesn't matter, just showing everyone your passion to dance.... And of course wearing beautiful costumes !! 


ENBS 2nd years.

 The Australian Ballet School - Melbourne, AU

Edward Smith ( @edwardsmith_ )

I'm Edward Smith, i'm 17 and i've just graduated level 6 at ABS. I've been dancing for 7 years and started after watching my sister's at competitions. After completing my first year at ABS i've been selected by the school to go on exchange to Canada's National Ballet School in January which i'm really excited about!

Edward in his uniform.

 ABS is Australia's centre for elite vocational ballet training and the school of The Australian Ballet. Teachers come from various backgrounds as principals with The Australian Ballet, the Mariinksy and NDT and follows the Vaganova syllabus.

As for the unifroms, The girls wear Bloch leotards and tights with matching skirts and tutus, and the boys wear Bloch cap-sleaved unitards with a complimenting waist elastic and white shoes and socks. Each level wears their own distinct colour. Level 5 wears blue, Level 6 wear purple, Level 7 wears plum and Level 8 wears burgundy.

 My favorite thing about the uniform is that the style is very nice and it's nice to have different colours to distinguish each level.

My least favorite thing about the unifrom is that they are not very sturdy and by the end of the year lots of leotards and tights have holes which is not very convenient as well as tutus becoming droopy very easily. I really like WearMoi bodysuits because the fabric is comfortable and their styles are great.

At ABS, We are usually dancing from 8:20 in the morning until about 5 or 6:30 at night doing classical, variations, pas de deux, contemporary, character, conditioning and gym plus rehearsals for performances.

I love performing and as we are rehearsing Snow Queen for our final performance I just can't wait to get on stage! I love playing around with the choreography on stage and adding costumes, make up and lights. It's such a thrill and I get great satisfaction from it!


Edward and friend in their uniforms.

 So, that is it! hope y'all had enjoyed my blog for this time, have a happy new year!

A big thank you to all of the amazing dancers who had volunteered to talk about their uniforms, You should all give them a follow! ;)
I'd love to hear your opinions!




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