Cyber Bullying, Hate Comments and All That Jazz

Written by WorldWide Ballet Shop


Posted on April 25 2015

So today I'd like to talk about a topic which is very close to my heart - jealousy within the Instagram community and the dance world. This is a topic that had always been close to my heart but last night I just broke down.
I posted a photo of myself, Neta, on my account stating that I'm getting closer to 300k and that I'd like to hear some of your questions for a Q&A which will be posted when I reach 300k. I believe that you can guess what comes next : the hate comments about that that I'm an embarrassment and that my feet are ugly and yeah you know ...
This is not the first time that this thing happens on WWB but this is the first time that I'm experiencing this here on Instagram. So at first I was shocked, Like what is wrong with these people? Then I was feeling hurt but I was able to push through thanks to the support of my friends, and the I realized 2 things : How shallow people can be and what jealousy can make people do.
As I've grown older I've understood the power of jealousy and the fact that the world runs on jealousy, which is quite a sad fact yet is very accurate. From beautiful male dancers that you people said that they're "gay" ( and well - you people just decided to make gay as a curse?! And for the love of god it's none of your business someone's sexual preference ) to simply beautiful dancers who had " ugly and flat feet". I used to take these comments to my heart as if someone wrote this to me, but now I get it that its the jealousy talking, nothing else but the jealousy because, well we know that you are dying to jump high and have beautifully arched feet or well - simply to become recognized in the dance world and one of the ways is through Instagram. I've got news for you - if you think that being a " keyboard criminal " will help you become famous, you are deadly wrong my friend! As a human being and an owner of an account on Instagram the biggest turn off is someone who just doesn't know how to shut his mouth. I don't respect you guys and I promise that I'm not the only one ;)

I remember that once when something like that happened on WWB, a very wise Ballerina, Taylor Sambola of Orlando Ballet II ( @taytayballet ) had commented about that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say a thing and this sentence is something that I always think of when these sort of things happens.
So what I'm actually trying to say to all of you who are suffering from online bullying, even if you're not dancers or anything, remember that these people are motivated by jealousy and well they're so tiny, that they can fit in your little pocket, so don't you even bother to pay attention to them even though it's hard, because you are twenty times more better, beautiful and stronger than they're. Those people are shallow, empty, and VERY JEALOUS. You couldn't have cared less about them.
I hope that I've helped someone to keep his head up for a little while. 
Thank you for reading this.
Love you guys. 



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    I am so proud of you about the way you expressed yourself!
    A strong man is measured by his forces against the company, and you Neta go in a way that you built up and not to deviate from it.
    I love you so ,and prout of you!!

    Posted by yuvalefrati | April 25, 2015
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    You go girl! Screw the rude people :) They just wanna steal youe happiness. Stay positive xx

    Posted by Caitlin | April 25, 2015
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    I am so happy that you have brought this to everyone’s attention. I am so sick of seeing the awful things that people are saying on Instagram as a result of pure jealousy and arrogance. Technology can be a great way of sharing with others, but it can also be a way for people to hate on each other without seeing the pain they cause. Being an aspiring male dancer myself, I have been often told both virtually and verbally that what I am doing is “gay” and “feminine”, that because ballet is my passion that my personality must be girly. I am so tired of these pathetic stereotypes that are being broadcasted around the Internet and they need to stop. A friend of mine is a beautiful dancer and she posted a picture of an arabesque. Soon, we were discovering many compliments, and insults… Shocking, considering that half of them were from people who didn’t dance. To echo worldwide ballet’s opinion, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. And to @worldwideballet, keep going and don’t let the haters stop you. I will forever remain your loyal follower on Instagram, and for the people who feel like hurting @worldwideballet, they need to realize the consequences and pain they cause from their actions.

    Posted by N | April 25, 2015
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