Is Instagram Changing the Way I Photograph?

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Posted on October 03 2015

Hello lovelies!
Happy October! Today we've got a guest article from Lindsay Thomas - a person who I personally admire, she's a Videographer & a Photographer for Pacific Northwest Ballet and She's awesome! 
Give her profile a look @lindsaythomasphoto , you won't regrat it I promise haha 

So enjoy the read, It's a good one :)



I’ve started to think about life in squares. Let me explain:

One of my latest photo frustrations is when I crop a photo into a square, and a dancers limb gets cut off. You would not believe how much time I spend “re-building” backgrounds.


(I wanted Leta’s foot in the above photo, which meant cloning the log to be longer)



What interests me is how quickly a social media platform is capable of altering the way someone does their job. Before a year ago, when I snapped a photo, all I had to think about was the exact composition that would show up on my LCD screen. Now when I look at that screen, my brain wonders if I’ve zoomed out enough to fit the image into my little instagram world. It looks so un-artistic when I type it out, but it’s 2015, and in the same way a Buzzfeed writer is expected to be able to write a listicle, I am expected to produce images in an insta-friendly format.


(cloning plain backdrops is one of the most challenging things)


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining: instagram is the most welcoming, friendly, supportive community and it inspires me to create new content every day. I love a good foot photo or a #wackywednesday post as much as the next bunhead, but I also want to create imagery that showcases the artistry of a dancer. There is so much more to a dancer than a gorgeous arch or a high leg, but the double-taps that those photos receive can be addicting. So my goal is to stay true to myself and the talented individuals I work with, while continuing to shoot content that insta-inspires. And hey, if that means sharing a few more feet photos, maybe that’s not the worst thing in the world.


 Make sure you check Lindsay's awesome instagram - @lindsaythomasphoto :)






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