Never Stop Believing

Written by Neta Meir


Posted on January 05 2016

I think that my story would be the perfect example of a person who believed enough in something to make it big. Let me explain myself -
Since I was little I was told that I should never stop believing, it always sounded so strange to - what should I never stop believing in? I've only realized the power of that say later in my life - never stop believing in yourself. 
There's a say that says that having one person that believes in something so deeply is more than enough to make something big. And that person was me, and that person is you. We are all creative and amazing in our base, we only need that little bit of faith and passion to make us driven to make something big. Still in the dark about what I'm saying? Ha, it's so confusing! So what would be a better way to explain something than personal experience?
So we're going back in time, to 8th grader Neta Meir. I've always loved ballet and dancing but I've made it to the realization that I want to become a professional ballerina at the beginning of the 8th grade, I've switched teachers and took everything so much more seriously. It became my life, and of course it influenced my instagraming. 
My personal Instagram got hacked and deleted at that time, and I loved Instagram so much that I've decided to try again but this time -'let's open a ballet page! I've had enough of posting pictures of myself, and I always thought to myself that there's so much need to have a ballet community on Instagram, so much talent that needed to be exposed, and I've asked myself why wouldn't I be the one to give this a stage? 
I remember this like it was yesterday - it was Friday night, the 26th of October, 2012 , I took my iPad and started my WWB journey. I've never gived up, never got tired of people who told me - 'nah, it's not going to get any bigger then what it is now' or 'why do you think that you can do something with a ballet Instagram?'. I don't have anything to prove, the facts are as clear as the sun, so after 3 years of never stopping in believing here we are: 500,000 followers from all over the world from the most famous and amazing dancers we all adore and ballet lovers to celebs, being the biggest and most popular dance account on Instagram , connections with worlds top brands and ballet companies, and a successful business. And I want to remind you something-I'm 16. Started all of this when I was 13. Opened my business at 15. Who would've thought?
This post is not here to brag. I want to inspire you, to make you believe that if you, but only you, believe enough in something  to make it happen, this can one day become the reality your'e living in. Just like I made my dream come true with my two hands, iPhone and most importantly, drive, faith and hard work. Things in life won't just fall into your lap ( well, maybe later ), but to make a dream come true, you have to wake up and start living it, I know, It's hard but it's as simple as it is. JUST DO IT. 
I never thought that this is where I'd be at this point, but I've always believed, and that is the key for success for anything in life. You don't need the society to approve that it's ok, you need to approve. You are your own person, and you've got the power to move mountains if needed. I ask you to NEVER stop believing. It's ok to get frustrated, but it's not ok to give up! So please, never give up and never stop believing in yourself. I believe in you. 
With all of that said, you all believed in me and that is something that I'd be forever grateful for. Thank you for following, for believing, for being a part of our Instagram ballet community-because it's really ours. For giving me a chance and a reason to believe in myself - and now I ask you to believe in yourself for me. 
So, never stop believing.
It's a new year - it's a fresh start! 



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    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s very inspirational! Thank you!

    Posted by Ania | September 13, 2016
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