Thin Scrunchies - Hair Band

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Style: Fairy-Tail Princess

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your fashionable hair accessories for your active and colorful life! 3 pieces of high quality beautiful fabric scrunchies, in three fun patterns: polka dot, houndstooth and squares.

Make your hairstyle more attractive with our colorful scrunchies; Use it to upgrade your bun, wear it for a workout, a party or a special occasion.

These hair bands are made of high quality fabric,and you can get them in 3 different sets (made of different materials):

Pretty In Velvet -  Made of Velvet, Trendy and chic (comes in 5 colors: Dark Gray, Deep Turquoise, Deep Pink, Beige and Powder).

Flower Perfection -  Made of cotton, printable flowers that will make you smile! (comes in 6 colors).

Fairy-Tail Princess - Made of Satin, elegant and stylish (comes in 6 colors: Light Blue, Red, Deep Blue, Gold, Black and Light Pink)

Measurements: The outer diameter is approx. 6.2 cm / 2.7 inches, the un-expanded inner diameter is approx. 4 cm /  1.6 inches. 

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